Glaube | Liebe | Hoffnung

You & Me

[Matthew 6:33 & John 8:36]


You and me
Were meant to be.
What sounds like a love statement 
Might meant to be seen differently.


You and me
Were meant to be
you! and! me!
Unique human beings
Meant to be free.
Meant to fly higher than we could picture us to,
Meant to love more deeply than we’d dare to.
Cause you and me 
Were meant to be.
So dare to move
Dare to set this world on fire
Dare to be a multiplier
Of love.
For the ONE who is love himself
Promised to give you everything else
When you first seek HIS KINGDOM
So ... what makes you stop then?


Go and spread some love
Cause you and me
Were meant to fill 
This world’s lack of love

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